You can easily access this Bypass Google Account APK page by using short URL address in browser address bar. And on this page you can get your mobile model number and android operating system (OS) version in table heading which comes from api.
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Galaxy Store Galaxy Store
Alliance Shield X V0.7.44 Alliance Shield X V0.7.44
AlnajatFRP V1.0 AlnajatFRP V1.0
Apex Launcher V4.9.36 Apex Launcher V4.9.36
Development Settings V1.0.0 Development Settings V1.0.0
Development Settings V1.7.1 Development Settings V1.7.1
ES File Explorer File Manager V4. ES File Explorer V4.4.0
File Commander Manager & Vault V7.7.5 File Commander V7.7.5
FRP Bypass V1.0 FRP Bypass V1.0
GAM V5.1.1 (Android 5) GAM V5.1.1 (Android 5)
GAM V6.0.1 (Android 6) GAM V6.0.1 (Android 6)
GAM V6.9.0 (Android 7) GAM V6.9.0 (Android 7)
GAM V6.0.1 (Android 8, 9, 10) GAM V6.0.1 (Android 8, 9, 10)
Google Setting V1.0 Google Setting V1.0
HushSMS V2.7.7 HushSMS V2.7.7
Notification Bar V2.8.0 Notification Bar V2.8.0
Nova Launcher V8.0.1 Nova Launcher V8.0.1
Package Disabler Pro V16.2 Package Disabler Pro V16.2
Phone Clone V11.0.1.360 Phone Clone V11.0.1
Quick Shortcut Maker V2.4.0 Quick Shortcut Maker V2.4.0
Smart Switch Mobile V9.5.03.0 Smart Switch Mobile V9.5
Simple Control V2.1.2 Simple Control V2.1.2
Test DPC V3.0.11 Test DPC V3.0.11