Avengers Qualcomm Module V0.12.8 (Updated) Official Setup

Download the latest Avengers Qualcomm Module 0.12.8 (updated and official installation setup) with the fastest and one-click direct download link and learn about its uses and features.

What is the avengers qualcomm module?
The Avengers Qualcomm module is an QLM (Qualcomm) mobile devices software servicing program developed by the Avengers Box team and is compatible with all Windows operating systems. And this module has the ability to flash firmware, unlock FRP, network, and screen lock for mobile devices that use QLM (Qualcomm) CPU chips. And QLM's chips is mostly used in Chinese smartphones and this module supports them.

This program is not free. To use it you need an avenger box device or avengers dongle which can be connected to the computer to use this program. And once you connect the Avengers device to the computer and install and launch the program, you can perform a number of tasks below with this tool.
  • Read Info
  • Read Pattern
  • Reset Locks
  • Reset FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Flash Firmware (download, upgrade)
  • Dump Firmware & Security
  • Erase Firmware & Reset EFS
  • Partition Manager
  • Repair IMEI (Read & Write)
  • SIM Unlock
  • Backup & Restore QCN
  • Oppo (enable adb, reset user locks, unlock network, reset privacy)
  • Alcatel (get info by imei, change pid)
  • Motorola (read phone info, read partition info, enable adb, erace frp, wipe, unlock)
  • Huawei (read info, read bootloader code, bootloader info, unlock bootloader, flash app)
  • Vivo (remove vivo demo, factory reset, factory reset keep data)
  • Utils (read info, enable diag, reboot, erase frp, erase frp, unlock bootloader)
  • Test Points (huawei, lenovo, nokia, oppo, vivo, xiaomi, zte)
How to install and use the avengers qualcomm module?
If you want to use the Avengers Qualcomm Module then you should be familiar with mobile software, CPU chips, flashing and unlocking process, Otherwise misusing this tool can break the software of your mobile device. And the guide to using this tool is very long, so now I'm going to teach you some easy ways to figure out how to install this tool and how to use it to unlock mobile phone.
  1. First, you need to download the latest version from the link below, then extract the compressed file and install the program setup.
  2. Then install the Avengers box card drivers in your computer system according to your system Windows (x64 or x32) OS.
  3. Connect your Avengers box or dongle device to the computer, and launch the setup file from the desktop as administrator.
  4. Now you have to click on any button in the tool you want to act on, and then boot your mobile device into EDL mode and connect to the computer. In some cases, you need to press your device's volume keys to boot into EDL (Emergency Download Mode) mode. Remember that you have your mobile drivers installed on your computer before you start flashing or unlocking.
Note: The program is virus-free and is scanned by Symantec Endpoint Protection Antivirus so that you can use it without fear.
Images of the avengers qualcomm module.
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What are the contents of the avengers qualcomm module files?
You can see each file's contents and its type from the content-box of the following file; in some cases, you have to move the scroll up and down to check all the file names and extensions.


Additional information of the avengers qualcomm module.
You can find additional information about this tool in the table below. If you believe there is an error in any of the information provided in this post, you can let us know via the contact page or our email address contact.gsmware@gmail.com. We will be grateful to you for that.

Name Information
Program Avengers Qualcomm Module
Type .EXE (Installation Setup)
Version 0.12.8 (Updated)
Size 114.1 MB
Updated Sunday, March 14, 2021
Price 79.00$ / 44.90$
Developer Avengers Box Team
Category Box-Setup
Compatibility Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Password www.gsmware.com
Download link of avengers qualcomm module.
You can download the compressed RAR file of this tool from the link below and extract it with at least version 5.5 or later of the WinRAR program.

Download old version:

AvengersBox_Qualcomm_Module_v0.12.7_Setup.rar 101.2 MB
AvengersBox_Qualcomm_Module_v0.12.6_Setup.rar 98.7 MB

The default password for compressed files is "www.gsmware.com".