Miracle Box Ver 2.54 Crack By GSM Flasher Team

Download the latest crack of Miracle Box 2.54 by GSM Flasher Team with the fastest and one-click direct download link, and learn about its uses and features.

What is the miracle box?
Miracle Box is a professional mobile software servicing program developed by the miracle team. And to use this program, users need a Miracle Box or Miracle Dongle device that needs to be connected to a computer before running this program. And the Miracle Box program is only available for the Windows operating system, and this version can be cracked and used by anyone for free. The Miracle Box program supports MTK, SPD, Mstar, RDA, Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia mobile phones and all Android operating systems. Many features include ADB and Fastboot mode for flashing and reading device information and unlocking the device. And the details of its features are given below.


  • Read Info
  • Read
  • Write
  • Format
  • Read Unlock/IMEI
  • Badsoftware
  • IMEI (switched off)
  • IMEI (switched on)
  • Read Anti-Theft
  • Read TelBk
  • Wr TelBk
  • NV Read
  • NV Write
  • Calibration
  • Network Unlock
  • Bad Factory
  • Clear Code (ADB)
  • Read Code (SIM)
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Unlock (SIM)
  • Reset Code
  • Read Pattern
  • Clear Anti-Theft
  • Root
  • Restore Root
  • Read Phone Book
  • Read Network Code
  • Miracle AV (Anti-Virus)
  • Clear Setting/FRP
  • RAM Test
  • Bluetooth Address Repair
  • Init Modem
  • MEIZU Note2 Unlock Anti Privacy
  • Meizu Note2 Unlock (Phone Lock, Account Lock)
  • Fix DL Mode
  • Open USB Debug
  • Fix Unknown Baseband
  • Back BPLGUI
  • Memory Repartition
  • Read Preloader
  • Write Preloader
  • Memory Read
  • Memory Write
  • File Unlock
  • Replace Char


  • Read Info
  • Read
  • Write
  • Format
  • Read Unlock
  • File Unlock
  • Write IMEI
  • Main Clr
  • Read NV (Nand)
  • Write NV (Nand)
  • Backup Phonebook
  • Read HW Info
  • Write HW Info
  • Backup Mobile (ADB)
  • Root (ADB)
  • Clear Code (Android)
  • Reset User code
  • Restore Boot
  • SP Unlock (Beta)
  • FRP Reset
  • Miracle AV (Anti-Virus)
  • Restore Backup (AV)


  • Read Info (Normal, Fastboot, Diag, EDL Mode)
  • Read EFS
  • Write EFS
  • Read QCN
  • Write QCN
  • Wipe EFS
  • Read Codes (New Method Need Root Access)
  • Direct Unlock
  • Auto Backup (QCN)
  • Enable Diag (Method 1 and Method 2)
  • Repair Security (Method 1 NV, Method 2 EFS, Method 3 New Security, Oppo Method, OnePlus Method)
  • Factory Reset (Normal, Fastboot, EDL Mode)
  • Remove Account Locks (Normal, Fastboot, EDL Mode)
  • Lock Bootloader
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Reboot EDL Mode
  • Reboot EDL Mode From Fastboot
  • Forced EDL Mode From Box
  • Reset EFS (EDL or Fastboot Mode)
  • Write Flash (EDL New Method or Fastboot Mode)
  • Select Custom Programmer File
  • Flash Custom Partition File
  • Read Partitions
  • Read Flash
  • Read Pattern
  • Factory Reset (Safe or Auto Mode)
  • Direct Unlock (Auto, Forced, Restore Mode)
  • Remove Account Lock (Other Qualcomm, Xiaomi FRP Method)
  • Wipe Selected Partition


  • Read Info
  • Read
  • Write
  • File Unlock
  • SP-Unlock
  • Mi-Repair IMEI (MI)
  • Enable Diag (ADB)
  • LG Reset User Lock (Download Mode)
  • LG Google Account Remove (Download Mode)
  • LG Repair IMEI
  • LG Unlock Network
  • Vivo Repair IMEI
  • Oppo Repair IMEI
  • Mi Account Reset
  • Qualcomm Hang On Logo Fixed
  • Qualcomm Flasher


  • Read
  • Write
  • Read Unlock
  • File Unlock
  • Read IMEI
  • Reset
  • Format


  • Read Info
  • Read
  • Write
  • Format
  • Read Unlock
  • Read IMEI
  • File Unlock
  • Read NV
  • Write NV


  • Android (ADB)
  • Clear Code
  • Read Info
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Wipe/Factory Reset
  • Reset Gmail
  • Read Pattern Code
  • Root ADB (Method 1, Method 2)
  • Reboot Fastboot
  • Read NVRAM
  • Write NVRAM
  • Install APK
  • Google Lock Remove
  • Read Gmail ID
  • Backup Contacts
  • Restore Contacts
  • Backup App
  • Restore App
  • Enable Diag (Qualcomm)
  • Repair WiFi (MTK)
  • Enable All Languages
  • Backup SMS
  • Restore SMS
  • Sideload ZIP
  • Reboot Download
  • Wipe Dalvik-Cache
  • Motorola FRP Reset
  • Samsung DRK Repair
  • Samsung FRP Reset
  • Oppo Unlocks
  • Oppo Netowork Unlock
  • Oppo FRP Reset
  • Mi Remove All Lock
  • Mi Disable Account
  • Android (Fastboot)
  • Read Info
  • Wipe Userdata
  • Wipe Cache
  • Write Data
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Lock Bootloader
  • FRP Reset (Micormax Yuphoria/Series Qualcomm)
  • File Lock
  • Get Token
  • Go To RUU
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair MEID
  • Flash ZIP
  • Reboot (Normal, Recovery, Fastboot, Download)
  • Remove FRP Universal
  • Erase IMEI Universal
  • Vivo Unlock
  • Vivo Unlock Bootloader
  • Lyf Unlock
  • Lyf Unlock Bootloader
  • OnePlus 3 FRP Reset
  • Android (HTC/BCM)
  • Read Info
  • NCK/NSCK Unlock
  • Android Gold Card
  • Unlock Simlock (Desire C)
  • Reset FRP
  • Sprint Unlock
  • Flash Broadcom Firmware (Download & Fastboot Mode)
  • Android (ALLWINNER)
  • Read Info
  • Clear Code
  • Read Pattern Code
  • Wipe/Factory Reset
  • Root (ADB)
  • Google Lock Remove
  • Read Gmail ID
  • Android (Nokia)
  • Read Info
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Reboot Fastboot
  • Restore Contacts
  • Backup Contacts
  • Root (ADB)
  • Write Flash
  • Lumia (Factory Reset, Full Nvi Update, Reboot After Flash, Read Info, Write Flash)
  • Android (AV)
  • Get Package List
  • Remove Selected Packages
  • Method 1 (Need Root) & Method 2 (No Root)
  • Show Third-Party Packages
  • Show Enabled Packages
  • Reboot After Removal
  • Make Backup of Packages
  • Show Disable
  • Show System Packages
  • Android (MTK Flasher)
  • Write Flash
  • Format (Except BL, All, NVRAM)
  • Android (Intel - ASUS)
  • xFSTK Download
  • Repartition
  • Repair Security
  • Push
  • Install APK
  • Format Factory
  • Flash (Sideload, Fastboot Flash-Image)
  • Read Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Format All
  • Root (Root1, Root2, Root3)
  • Unroot
  • Fastboot Mode
  • Android (Intel - LENOVO)
  • Repair IT
  • Push
  • Install APK
  • Flash (Pack-Miracle)
  • Android (Xiaomi)
  • Read Info
  • Go Recovery
  • Go Bootloader
  • Check Fastboot
  • Format All
  • Reset MiCloud
  • Flash Pack (Flash All, Flash All Except Data Storage, Flash All Except Storage) + Format
  • Write-Img (Manual Flash)
  • Mi Account Reset


  • Read Info
  • Reset Phone Lock
  • Read PIT
  • Backup EFS
  • Restore EFS
  • Analise PIT File
  • Factory Reset
  • Sprint Relock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Network Unlock
  • Sprint Unlock
  • Enable Diag Port
  • Reset FRP
  • Repair DRK (ADB)
  • Repair DRK
  • Reset Reactivation/EE Locks
  • Service
  • Write Flash
  • Reset FRP (ADB)


  • Read Code (SIM) - MTK
  • Unlock SIM - MTK
  • Unlock - Qualcomm
  • Read Security - Qualcomm
  • Write Security - Qualcomm
  • Read NV - HiSilicon
  • Write NV - HiSilicon
  • Write Flash - HiSilicon


  • MEP/Flashing
  • Repair MEP (0) Unlock
  • Call Mode Repair
  • Repair Qwerty
  • Auto LCD Setting
  • Batt Calibration Repair
  • De-Branding (No-Logo)
  • Disable Media Storage
  • Enable Media Storage
  • Enable Camera
  • Auto On Fix
  • Rebuild EFS (MEID, ESN, CRC, IMEI)


  • File Format Change (BIN, BIF, HEX, MOT)
  • Format Address
  • Main Setting (Change Font, Change Color, Change Theme, Download Shell)


  • Repair Firmware
  • Box Selftest
  • Online Update
  • Support
  • Download Shell
What is the loader of gsm flasher team?
GSM Flasher Team Loader is a crack file that assumes responsibility for launching the Miracle Box version 2.54 program without the Miracle Box or Dongle device. And to run the program through this loader, this loader file has to be placed in the installation folder of the program, as a result of which the program launches without a box or dongle device.
What is the virtual serial port driver?
Virtual Serial Port Driver is a Windows computer application that allows users to pair virtual COM ports. Virtual serial ports developed in virtual serial ports behave as real ports, so applications can communicate with each other and transmit data via a virtual null-modem cable. The virtual serial ports created in the Virtual Serial Port driver also support all serial port settings, strict load rate emulation, hand flow control, and signal lines.
Note: The Miracle Box Ver 2.54 Crack program needs a COM port to function properly, which is why we will create a COM port to use Miracle Box Crack using the Virtual Serial Port driver program. If you do not create COM ports then the program interface will start with a crack but every time you click on the start button it will show you this "Access violation at address 005DC500 in module 'miracle_box_vmp.exe'. Read of address 74018B86." error.
How to crack miracle box v2.54?
To crack the Miracle Box version 2.54 tool, you need to download the crack setup file and the virtual serial port driver program from the links below and extract it to the folder. And then, follow the steps below.
  1. First, you need to install the "Virtual Serial Port Driver" program on your computer system and activate it with the unlimited site license provided.
  2. Once the program has been installed and activated, launch its setup file from the desktop as administrator. Select any available first and second COM port number and click the "Add Pair" button.
  3. Now let the virtual serial port driver program run as long as you want to use Crack. And install Miracle Box Crack Setup File and don't launch Crack after installing Crack Setup but go to this folder path "C:\Miracle Box\BOX_Data" and delete the "Handle.ini" file.
  4. Navigate to the "hosts" file folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc", and open the hosts file as an administrator in the text application and add this domain URL address " miraclesserver.com" to the new line and save the hosts file.
  5. Now launch the Miracle Box 2.54 loader file from the desktop or the Crack Setup installation folder as administrator and click the "Start" button in the loader. Then the Miracle Box program will launch and work ultimately.
Note: You must ensure that you disable anti-virus and all other virus protection programs from your computer system before extracting the compressed file; Otherwise, the crack will not work properly or the loader file will be deleted automatically.
Images of the miracle box v2.54.
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What are the contents of miracle box v2.54 files?
You can see each file's contents and its type from the content-box of the following file; in some cases, you have to move the scroll up and down to check all the file names and extensions.
-Miracle Box Ver 2.54 Crack Setup
Miracle 2.54 Full Cracked By Gsm Flasher Team.exe

-Miracle Box Ver 2.54 KeyGen
Miracle Box 2.54 keygen License.txt
Miracle Box 2.54 keygen.exe

-Virtual Serial Port Driver V8.0
License Key.txt
Additional information of the miracle box v2.54.
You can find additional information about this tool in the table below. If you believe there is an error in any of the information provided in this post, you can let us know via the contact page or our email address contact.gsmware@gmail.com. We will be grateful to you for that.
Name Information
Program Miracle Box
Type .EXE (Installation Setup)
Version 2.54 (Updated)
Size 301.7 MB
Updated Saturday, April 10, 2021
Price $149.00 Free
Developer Miracle Team
Cracked GSM Flasher Team
Category Crack Tools
Compatibility Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Password www.gsmware.com
Download link of miracle box v2.54.
You can download the compressed RAR file of this tool from the link below and extract it with at least version 5.5 or later of the WinRAR program.

Download files separately:

Miracle Box Ver 2.54 Crack Setup.rar 296.4 MB
Miracle Box Ver 2.54 KeyGen.rar 1.49 MB
Virtual Serial Port Driver V8.0.rar 3.79 MB

The default password for compressed files is "www.gsmware.com".